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DMG Collection offers a high-end manufacturing service for you curtains, drapes and blinds. You can also benefit from personalized advice regarding the choice of fabrics and the finishes of your curtains. With over 30 years of experience, our professional seamstress manufactures curtains according to a technical data sheet developed and validated with the client.

Draw curtains, decorative curtains, finette-sateen-lined blackout curtains, Flemish headers, single fold, waves, etc. as well as a large choice of classic and contemporary rods will be offered. Your curtains will be entirely bespoke and the product of extensive expertise and know how.

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Manufacturing steps for your curtains and sheers

Choice of fabrics

DMG Collection offers a very wide choice of fabrics for your drapes and curtains: linen, velvet, taffeta, silk, cotton, solid colours or prints. Decoration drapes, draw-type, finette sateen-lined or black-out curtains.


We offer you the choice of machine-made or traditionally hand-sewn drapes and curtains depending on your budget and the size of your project. In either case we guarantee professional results of the highest standard.

Choice of finishes

DMG Collection offers different styles of curtain headers: 2 or 3 fold Flemish Pleated Drapery, single fold, flat panels, waves, etc A large choice of curtain rods and finials.

Measurements & Installation

A decorator will go to your home to measure your windows. Once the window treatments have been completed our teams will proceed with the installation of your drapes and curtains in your home.



Discover the full range of wall coverings available in our showroom. To provide you with the widest choice, you will be shown a very broad range of wallpapers, solid, textured or with a pattern.