Study of your furnishing project

After an initial meeting and/or visit of your home we will determine together the type of furniture and decoration best suited to your life style. Our decorators will advise you on layout, the placement of furniture and optimal use of space according to your needs and the destination of the premises (primary residence, second home, vacation home, etc.)

Exclusive interiors on the French Riviera

DMG Collection specialises in high-end, interior-design projects for an international clientele.The furniture, lighting, home-furnishing fabrics, accessories, etc are carefully chosen to create a harmonious whole. Our decoration projects are all bespoke and reflect DMG’s know-how and extensive expertise.

Creating layout of your furniture

For the study phase of the project, a plan of your home will be used on which the furniture, drawn to scale, will be positioned so as to obtain an overall picture of the space, the general layout of the rooms and their intended use.

Decoration Cap d'antibes'


Layout of your furniture