Known for the quality of its services, its know-how and excellent taste, both bold and refined, DMG Collection is the fruit of the coming together of two passionate art- and interior-design professionals who collaborate very closely on the execution of their projects.

With 12 years of experience in interior design and decoration and the successful completion of numerous projects on the French Riviera, DMG Collection offers personalised and custom services suited to each client and each style.



At DMG, we believe that each space has its own potential and often, even its own soul that needs to be brought to light and we do everything in our power to accomplish this mission as it should be.

Beyond aesthetics, first and foremost, we aim to create veritable living spaces by attaching a great deal of importance to the life style of our clients and paying special attention to the functionality of the spaces in order to create a harmonious and homogeneous whole from the point of view of aesthetics and its daily use.


Experience & Know-How

Over the years, DMG has built up a team of highly skilled tradespeople, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements, sewing, upholstery, cabinet making, etc. We coordinate and manage each trade to ensure optimum results and on-time delivery.

DMG Collection is also all about a rigorous selection of furniture, fabrics and materials.